Cirepil Fiorella Wax 800GR (WITHOUT STRIPS)

Cirepil Fiorella Wax 800GR (WITHOUT STRIPS)


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Meet our newest stripless wax, Fiorella. Contains high performance ingredients allowing the combination of high result hair removal leaving the skin soft and fragrant.
Formulated without rosin, this hypoallergenic wax is preferable for sensitive skin.
You will not resist the temptation of its sweet floral fragrance.

-Inventory is easy to determine
-Offers a nice visual on the shelf
-Provides a barrier against moisture
-Allows for mess-free pouring of the pearls
-Remains upright, maximizes storage space
-Opens and closes easily and hermetically

Hair Type : All
Skin Type : Sensitive
Region : All


Preparation :
1. Pour the pearls into a metal can or metal pot (cassolette)
2. Heat the wax in a wax warmer until a creamy, gum-like texture is obtained (approximately 65 ° C).
3. It is recommended to cover the cassolette or metal can and to reduce to minimum. Heat when unused for a long time in order to slow down the evaporation of the essential oils.
4. Before the first application, check the temperature of the wax by testing a small amount on your wrist and your client’s wrist.
5. Prepare the area to be depilated with the Purifying Blue Lotion and examine the direction of growth of the hair.
6. Apply a drop of jasmine oil and massage in a thin layer.
7. Dab the skin with a tissue as needed to remove excess oil and to absorb perspiration.
8. Do not apply powder on the skin.

Application Protocol :
1. Apply wax on the skin by wiping both sides of the wooden spatula.
2. Apply a slight pressure at first and then glide the spatula along the skin. Finish with a pleat.
3. For large areas with only one direction to hair growth: Keep the spatula perpendicular to the skin, apply the wax in the direction of hair growth in a thin and consistent layer.
4. When there is more than one direction of hair growth, apply the wax in small back and forth motions in different directions.
5. For uneven areas: apply with the round end of the wooden spatula.
6. In all cases, be sure to always apply wax with an even, thick border in order to prevent the wax from breaking.
7. Remove in the opposite direction of hair growth (or majority of it) parallel to the skin while holding the tissues.
8. Soothe with your hand to relieve the waxed area after the removal of each strip.
9. After the hair removal, apply a Post-depilatory Cirépil by Perron Rigot product adapted to your client’s needs.

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